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Magnetic Tattoo Removal

What is Magnetic Tattoo Removal?

It is a revolutionary approach to tattoo removal, ensuring scar-free results regardless of the number of sessions. Invented and developed by Linda Paradis, Magnetic Tattoo Removal employs a distinctive technique for eliminating both body and cosmetic tattoos, utilizing magnetic cartridges. The needles, are minimally invasive, only penetrating the epidermis. This procedure is registered with the FDA as a cosmetic product and is also listed with the European CPNP. Produced in New York, United States, by a leading laboratory with over three decades of expertise in tattoo removal products.


This innovative method, embraced in more than 40 countries worldwide, boasts several notable attributes:

  • Anesthesia is not needed due to the non-invasive nature of the needles, which operate solely within the epidermis.

  • Successful removal of ALL colors, including white, yellow & green.

  • Effectiveness across all ink types: organic, inorganic, synthetic, and mineral.

  • Applicable to various tattoo types: Scalp, Body, PMU, Microblading, Lips, Brows, & Eyeliners.

  • Ability to tackle even very old tattoos.

  • Emergency removal can eliminate up to 80% of the tattoo in the first session.

  • No need for shaving prior to treatment.

  • Daily activities such as showering, sports, and work can be resumed the next day.

  • Minimal crust formation post-treatment.

  • Preserves hair integrity, avoiding hair loss.

  • Removal sessions scheduled every three weeks.

  • New permanent makeup can be performed after just eight weeks.


This technique is a gold standard for removing tattoos.

Magnetic tattoo removal offers several benefits over laser tattoo removal, including:

  • Non-invasiveness: The needles used in magnetic tattoo removal target the epidermis without penetrating into the dermis, reducing the risk of damage to underlying tissues.

  • Scar Reduction: Magnetic tattoo removal results in zero scars due to the non-invasive nature. Unlike laser tattoo removal, which may carry a risk of scarring, magnetic tattoo removal aims to preserve the integrity of the skin.

  • Effectiveness on Various Inks and Colors: Unlike laser, Magnetic tattoo removal is effective on all types of tattoo inks, including organic, inorganic, synthetic, and mineral, as well as all colors, including white (titanium). This comprehensive efficacy across a wide range of ink types and colors may make magnetic tattoo removal a preferred option for individuals with complex or multi-colored tattoos.

  • Immediate Resumption of Activities: Magnetic tattoo removal allows for immediate resumption of daily activities such as showering, playing sports, and going to work on the same day as the treatment. Laser tattoo removal requires a minimum of 6 weeks between treatment, whereas, Magnetic Tattoo Removal sessions can be done 3-4 weeks apart.

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